At Kellan Group we believe valued employees are more motivated and productive. We therefore strive to create a working environment where everyone can achieve their full potential. Kellan Group values the opinion of our employees and as such, welcomes suggestions on the running of the company through an employee forum and satisfaction surveys.

The Board believes that investment in training is essential for the growth and success of individuals and the business as a whole and as such, we offer Group training which provides comprehensive training courses from induction to management development.

To support these beliefs we work with Competency Frameworks which impact on people related matters such as appraisals, training and recruitment & performance management. This framework:

  • Enables both the company and individuals to understand their current skill base and behaviours
  • Facilitates planning for the future
  • Targets appropriate training within the Kellan Group

Health & Safety

The Board of Kellan Group recognizes the importance of Health and Safety. They take these responsibilities very seriously and all employees are encouraged to spend time and effort ensuring that health and safety policies are full complied with.

Kellan has clearly defined Health and Safety policies which are given to all employees. The Health & Safety co-ordinator provides the necessary professional guidance which is then implemented by Health & Safety Co-ordinators at each of the operating sites and branches. Health & Safety co-ordinators carry out independent audits of the operational effectiveness and efficiency of these policies.

These audits together with recommendations for further improvement are reported to the management of Kellan Group half yearly.

Environmental Policy

Kellan’s aims are:

  • to comply with environment protection laws and regulations
  • to conduct business according to recognized standards of the industry, including those relating to people
  • to market products without unreasonable risk to safety, health or the environment;
  • to acknowledge that environmental, health and safety policies are of equal importance with other key operational objectives.

There are plans for continuous improvement in this area to support the various environmental initiatives already in place. These measures include but are not limited to:

  • Recycling waste paper
  • Recycling other office waste such as toner cartridges & mobile phones
  • Using real crockery instead of disposable cups etc where practical
  • Donating surplus promotion items such as pads and pens to local charities or schools
  • Encouraging car sharing at events or meetings where several members of staff are attending
  • Use of energy saving facilities on machines such as copiers and printers
  • Trying to provide information electronically or through our website to save production of unnecessary waste